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Communication Design,
Web and App Design
  • graphic and communication design

  • brand communications

  • infographics, visualisations and process maps

  • digital design and illustration

  • website design and development

  • app design and development

  • user experience design

  • user interface design

  • user story analysis, user research, user testing

  • wireframing

  • app and web prototyping

Communications, Advertising,  Public Relations and Journalism
  • social media campaign planning

  • social media content

  • advertising campaigns

  • media buying and programmatic advertising

  • public relations campaigns

  • internal communications

  • public affairs and lobbying, corporate issues and crisis communications

  • news and current affairs

  • lifestyle and sport journalism

  • participatory media

  • audience research and engagement

  • media strategy

  • content strategy

Writing, Editing and Publishing
  • professional and corporate writing and editing including report writing

  • creative non-fiction including brand and long form storytelling

  • writing for the web

  • creative writing

  • screenplay and script development

  • editing and proofreading

  • research, writing and publishing for booklets and guides

Film, Video, Animation and Game Design
  • short video and film production

  • instructional video and educational content

  • documentary video

  • mobile media creation

  • interactive storytelling

  • sound design and score design

  • 3D animation and character design

  • visual effects and compositing

  • 2D animation, illustration and storyboarding

  • motion design

  • game design, gamification and playful design

Industrial Design
  • product design for mass manufacture

  • product-service-systems design

  • product eco-redesign

  • transportation, capital, and clinical equipment

  • design for advanced manufacturing

  • process and material optimisation

Human Centred Design and Research
  • customer research

  • strategic design

  • service design

  • digital and design ethnography

  • social, humanitarian and sustainable product and service design

Spatial and Environment Design
  • exhibition and installation design

  • wayfinding

  • experience design and interactive spaces

  • virtual and augmented reality

  • interpretive design

  • projection mapping

  • sonic, somatic and tangible interaction design

Music and Event Management
  • event management and publicity

  • festivals, booking, touring and venues

  • music management, distribution and licencing

  • music journalism and broadcasting

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Skills Include:

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