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RMIT Journalism Internships

RMIT WIL Agreement for Journalism

Download the WIL Agreement here

  • Please review the information in the agreement and update any missing fields in yellow;

  • Sign the agreement and save a copy to your computer;

  • Email the signed copy to

We will let you know when we receive your agreement and the placement can commence. ​

Hosting an Intern

What does the supervisor's role include?

  • Orientation session, advising the student of your organisation’s OH&S requirements and discussing your workplace policies;

  • Informing other employees about the student, and the reason and purpose of the activity;

  • Providing constructive, ongoing performance feedback to the student throughout the activity;

  • Contacting the student’s course co-ordinator if any issues involving the student arise;

  • Participating in ad-hoc student evaluations and feedback, as deemed appropriate by you or as requested by the student.  There is typically no formal evaluation required from RMIT.

These sample checklists may provide helpful tips for preparing for a placement and inducting your intern:

"Thank you for hosting an RMIT Journalism student.
We consider internships to be a vital part of the learning for our students, and we work to ensure students and employers are matched carefully to each other".
Alexandra Wake – Associate Professor and Program Manager, Journalism

RMIT Journalism Contacts

Students are from RMIT's highly regarded Bachelor of Journalism and Graduate Diploma in Journalism.



Work Integrated Learning Team: 

Journalism Program Manager:

Journalism Internship Coordinator:

Manager L&T Partnerships and WIL:

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